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Aiki & Seiken at Shinshin Gassuku 2019
Accumulated Force-Lexicon A

Absorbing to WhipArm-Lexicon Addenda
Aiki Aspect of Karate, The
Aiki Blade Taking , & 3-person Escape
Aiki Combinations
Aikido Toolkit 1
Aiki-ju-jutsu Toolkit 1
Aiki-ju-jutsu Toolkit 2

Aiki-ju-jutsu Toolkit 3

Aiki-ju-jutsu Toolkit 4
Aiki-ju-jutsu Toolkit 5
Aiki-ju-jutsu Toolkit 6
Aiki for the Streets Set
Aiki Freestyle
Aiki Henka 1 (NIDAN)
Aiki Henka 2 (SANDAN)
Aiki Henka 3 (YONDAN)
Aiki Locks from Karate Kata
Aiki Refinements 1
Aiki Refinements 2
Aiki Refinements 3
Aiki Releases
Aiki Staff Taking , & 2-person Escape
Aiki Takedowns 1
Aiki Takedowns 2
Aiki Taninzu Waza: Multiple Person Defense
Aiki Throws 1
Aiki Throws 2
Aiki Throws from Karate Kata
Aiki vs. Aiki: Countering
AIKI vs. Uncommon Attacks
Aiki, Hard & Soft
Aiki, Large & Small
American Masters of 5 Aiki Arts
An Evening with the Masters
Angier at Bushido-kai
Aragaki Sochin
Aspects of Alignment
Aspects of Off-balancing
Attack the Attack Seiken Budo


Basing, Blending, Bouncing-Lexicon B1
Back Pressure, Hard & Soft
Bassai & the Elements of Self-defense
Bunkai Extension (this spring)
Bridging-Lexicon B2

Bushido-kai’s Beyond Karate


Channan Kata, Lost
Chinese (Martial) Connection Set
Church Memoral Seminar
Comparative Aiki in Action 1
Comparative Aiki in Action 2
Comparative Aiki in Action 3
Comparative Aiki in Action 4
Comparative Aiki in Action 5
Comparative Aiki in Action 6
Comparing Circles of Aiki
Coil to Uncoil-Lexicon C2
Control on Contact-Lexicon C1
Cracking the Kata Code Set
Creating Ippon Kumite Combinations


Dealing with Attackers 2nd Blow
Don Angier at Bushido-kai
Drill to Defend
Drop from the Top-Lexicon D
Dynamic Martial Arts Integration


Edge of Aiki, The
Educated Garbage-Lexicon E
Elbow Awareness
Elegant Escapes
ElevAted Elementals
Evening with the Masters, An


Fire & Water 1-Seienchin
Fire & Water 2- Kururunfa
Flinch Response Training
Float (the Opponent) Like a Butterfly-Lexicon F, G
Form to Formless
From Kata to the Streets 1
From Kata to the Streets 2
From Kata to the Streets 3
From Kata to the Streets 4
From Kata to the Streets 5
From Kata to the Streets 6
Friction & Balance Stealing
Funakoshi’s 9 Throws


Gankaku/Matsumora Rohai
Gojushiho-dai & -sho
Ground Defense: Avoid Grappling


Hangetsu/Aragaki Seisan
Heian Godan
Heian Nidan
Heian Sandan
Heian Shodan
Heian Yondan
Hidden in the Open
Hidden Joint Jolts from Kata
Hidden Throws/Takedowns from Kata


Imitate to Regulate- Lexicon H, I
Immobile Aiki 1
Immobile Aiki 2
Immobile Aiki 3 (this summer)
Inside the Kumite Gap
Instructing “Invisible”Aiki Set
Integrating the Budo 1
Integrating the Budo 2
Integrating the Budo 3
Integrating the Budo 4
Integrating the Budo 5
Introduction to “Invisible”Aiki Set
Introduction to Budo Principles
Introduction to Seiken Budo Set


Jay & Cowles at Bushido-kai
Ji-in, Jutte, Jion
Jousting-Lexicon J, K, L




Kanku & The Elements of Self-defense Kanku-dai
Karate Toolkit 1: Long Stance Styles
Karate Toolkit 2: Short Stance Styles
Kick, Lock & Shock Seiken Budo
Kururunfa (Fire & Water 2)
Kumite- & Keri-waza


Laws of Locking
Lost Channan Kata


Maroteaux, Shihan Roland
Martial Use of Structuring
Martial Use of Weight Control
Mawashi Uke-A Style in a Block
Maximal Minimal Motion, An Introduction
Meikyo/Itosu Rohai 1,2,3
Methods of Martial Power 1
Methods of Martial Power 2
Methods of Receiving
Methods of Throwing-Hard & Soft Arts
Methods on the Edge of Aiki
"Mind Control"-Lexicon M
Minimal Motion Seiken Budo
Minimizing Aiki 1
Minimizing Aiki 2
MinMoSogo 1 Master Class
MinMoSogo 2 Master Class
MinMoSogo 3 Master Class
MinMoSogo 4 Master Class
MinMoSogo 5 Master Class
More Hidden Joint Jolts from Kata


Nijushiho vs. Niseishi


Off-balancing, Aspects of
Off-balancing Blocks
Octagon & the Old Man-Lexicon N, O


Pascal Serei at Bushido-kai
Passing, Hard & Soft
Passive Structuring-Lexicon P
Principles Applied 1
Principles Applied 2
Principles of Martial Motion
Principles of Advanced Budo Set
Principles of Aiki Set


Reaction Drill-Lexicon Q, R
Receiving, Methods of
Road to Mastery Set
Roland Maroteaux


Science of Sogo Budo Set
Secret Strikes
Secrets of Seiken Budo
Seienchin (Fire & Water 1)
Seiken Budo Applications 1
Seiken Budo Applications 2
Seiken Budo Applications 3
Seisan, Uechi & Goju
Serei, Pascal
Sequential Locking/Secondary Rotation-Lexicon S1
Spiraling-Lexicon S2
Shihan Church Memoral Seminar
Shihan Roland Maroteaux
Situational Self-defense from Kata
Skills & Drills of Seiken Budo
Soke Don Angier at Bushido-kai
Spiraling-Lexicon S2
Stories & Segments 1
Stories & Segments 2
Stories & Segments 3
Stories & Segments 4
Stories & Segments 5
Stories & Segments 6
Stories & Segments 7
Structuring, The Martial Use of
Sudden Attack Defense Set


Tekki 1,2,3
Tensho, Hakucho, Papuren: Aiki of Karate
Tensho, Range of Intensity
Three Levels of Aiki
Throws vs. Kicks, Kicks vs. Throws
Training the TriAngle Defense
Training vs. Application
Transmutation, the Next Generation
TriAngle Defense
Trap & Slap-Lexicon T
Trapping, Offensive & Defensive
Throwing, Methods of-Hard & Soft Arts


Uechi & Goju Seisan
Uechi, Hard/Soft
Unified & Segmented Body Movement


Wally Jay & Joe Cowles at Bushido-kai
Wankan, Theory & Practice
Wave, The
Weight Control, Martial Use of


Void, The-Lexicon U, V, W


X-Blocks- Lexicon X, Y, Z


Yielding & Leading
Yin and Yang, The