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Aiki & Seiken at Shinshin Gassuku 2019
Accumulated Force-Lexicon A

Absorbing to WhipArm-Lexicon Addenda
Aiki Aspect of Karate, The
Aiki Blade Taking , & 3-person Escape
Aiki Combinations
Aikido Toolkit 1
Aiki-ju-jutsu Toolkit 1
Aiki-ju-jutsu Toolkit 2

Aiki-ju-jutsu Toolkit 3

Aiki-ju-jutsu Toolkit 4
Aiki-ju-jutsu Toolkit 5
Aiki-ju-jutsu Toolkit 6
Aiki for the Streets Set
Aiki Freestyle
Aiki Henka 1 (NIDAN)
Aiki Henka 2 (SANDAN)
Aiki Henka 3 (YONDAN)
Aiki Locks from Karate Kata
Aiki Refinements 1
Aiki Refinements 2
Aiki Refinements 3
Aiki Releases
Aiki Staff Taking , & 2-person Escape
Aiki Takedowns 1
Aiki Takedowns 2
Aiki Taninzu Waza: Multiple Person Defense
Aiki Throws 1
Aiki Throws 2
Aiki Throws from Karate Kata
Aiki vs. Aiki: Countering
AIKI vs. Uncommon Attacks
Aiki, Hard & Soft
Aiki, Large & Small
American Masters of 5 Aiki Arts
An Evening with the Masters
Angier at Bushido-kai
Aragaki Sochin
Aspects of Alignment
Aspects of Off-balancing
Attack the Attack Seiken Budo


Basing, Blending, Bouncing-Lexicon B1
Back Pressure, Hard & Soft
Bassai & the Elements of Self-defense
Bunkai Extension 1
Bunkai Extension 2 (coming this fall)
Bridging-Lexicon B2

Bushido-kai’s Beyond Karate


Channan Kata, Lost
Chinese (Martial) Connection Set
Church Memoral Seminar
Comparative Aiki in Action 1
Comparative Aiki in Action 2
Comparative Aiki in Action 3
Comparative Aiki in Action 4
Comparative Aiki in Action 5
Comparative Aiki in Action 6
Comparing Circles of Aiki
Coil to Uncoil-Lexicon C2
Control on Contact-Lexicon C1
Cracking the Kata Code Set
Creating Ippon Kumite Combinations


Dealing with Attackers 2nd Blow
Don Angier at Bushido-kai
Drill to Defend
Drop from the Top-Lexicon D
Dynamic Martial Arts Integration


Edge of Aiki, The
Educated Garbage-Lexicon E
Elbow Awareness
Elegant Escapes
ElevAted Elementals
Evening with the Masters, An


Fire & Water 1-Seienchin
Fire & Water 2- Kururunfa
Flinch Response Training
Float (the Opponent) Like a Butterfly-Lexicon F, G
Form to Formless
From Kata to the Streets 1
From Kata to the Streets 2
From Kata to the Streets 3
From Kata to the Streets 4
From Kata to the Streets 5
From Kata to the Streets 6
Friction & Balance Stealing
Funakoshi’s 9 Throws


Gankaku/Matsumora Rohai
Gojushiho-dai & -sho
Ground Defense: Avoid Grappling


Hangetsu/Aragaki Seisan
Heian Godan
Heian Nidan
Heian Sandan
Heian Shodan
Heian Yondan
Hidden in the Open
Hidden Joint Jolts from Kata
Hidden Throws/Takedowns from Kata


Imitate to Regulate- Lexicon H, I
Immobile Aiki 1
Immobile Aiki 2
Immobile Aiki 3
Inside the Kumite Gap
Instructing “Invisible”Aiki Set
Integrating the Budo 1
Integrating the Budo 2
Integrating the Budo 3
Integrating the Budo 4
Integrating the Budo 5
Introduction to “Invisible”Aiki Set
Introduction to Budo Principles
Introduction to Seiken Budo Set


Jay & Cowles at Bushido-kai
Ji-in, Jutte, Jion
Jousting-Lexicon J, K, L



Kanku & The Elements of Self-defense Kanku-dai
Karate Toolkit 1: Long Stance Styles
Karate Toolkit 2: Short Stance Styles
Kick, Lock & Shock Seiken Budo
Kururunfa (Fire & Water 2)
Kumite- & Keri-waza


Laws of Locking
Lost Channan Kata


Maroteaux, Shihan Roland
Martial Use of Structuring
Martial Use of Weight Control
Mawashi Uke-A Style in a Block
Maximal Minimal Motion, An Introduction
Meikyo/Itosu Rohai 1,2,3
Methods of Martial Power 1
Methods of Martial Power 2
Methods of Receiving
Methods of Throwing-Hard & Soft Arts
Methods on the Edge of Aiki
"Mind Control"-Lexicon M
Minimal Motion Seiken Budo
Minimizing Aiki 1
Minimizing Aiki 2
MinMoSogo 1 Master Class
MinMoSogo 2 Master Class
MinMoSogo 3 Master Class
MinMoSogo 4 Master Class
MinMoSogo 5 Master Class
More Hidden Joint Jolts from Kata


Nijushiho vs. Niseishi


Off-balancing, Aspects of
Off-balancing Blocks
Octagon & the Old Man-Lexicon N, O


Pascal Serei at Bushido-kai
Passing, Hard & Soft
Passive Structuring-Lexicon P
Principles Applied 1
Principles Applied 2
Principles of Martial Motion
Principles of Advanced Budo Set
Principles of Aiki Set


Reaction Drill-Lexicon Q, R
Receiving, Methods of
Road to Mastery Set
Roland Maroteaux


Science of Sogo Budo Set
Secret Strikes
Secrets of Seiken Budo
Seienchin (Fire & Water 1)
Seiken Budo Applications 1
Seiken Budo Applications 2
Seiken Budo Applications 3
Seisan, Uechi & Goju
Serei, Pascal
Sequential Locking/Secondary Rotation-Lexicon S1
Shihan Church Memoral Seminar
Shihan Roland Maroteaux
Situational Self-defense from Kata
Skills & Drills of Seiken Budo
Soke Don Angier at Bushido-kai
Spiraling-Lexicon S2
Stories & Segments 1
Stories & Segments 2
Stories & Segments 3
Stories & Segments 4
Stories & Segments 5
Stories & Segments 6
Stories & Segments 7
Structuring, The Martial Use of
Sudden Attack Defense Set


Tekki 1,2,3
Tensho, Hakucho, Papuren: Aiki of Karate
Tensho: The Aiki of Karate 2 (forthcoming)
Tensho, Range of Intensity
Three Levels of Aiki
Throws vs. Kicks, Kicks vs. Throws
Training the TriAngle Defense
Training vs. Application
Transmutation, the Next Generation
TriAngle Defense
Trap & Slap-Lexicon T
Trapping, Offensive & Defensive
Throwing, Methods of-Hard & Soft Arts


Uechi & Goju Seisan
Uechi, Hard/Soft
Unified & Segmented Body Movement


Wally Jay & Joe Cowles at Bushido-kai
Wankan, Theory & Practice
Wave, The
Weight Control, Martial Use of


Void, The-Lexicon U, V, W


X-Blocks- Lexicon X, Y, Z


Yielding & Leading
Yin and Yang, The