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Dynamic Martial Arts Integration Details

Aiki DVDs, Karate DVDs, Sogo Budo DVDs

Expand Your Art while Honing Your Skills

Hanshi Annesi introduces students of several martial arts to Takeshin Seiken Budo concepts of Skill-integration, Structure-testing, and Minimization using 1-step engagements and hard/soft combinations.   

3 DVDs, 6 hours, AL-19   $99.00 Dynamic Martial Arts Integration

VOLUME ONE, 2 hours
• Introduction
• Upper Block/Reverse Punch
• Testing the Kumite
• Adding a Lock
• Adding a Throw
• A Simple Exercise
• Second Kumite
• Identifying Principles
• Minimizing the Waza
• Even Smaller
• Using the "Old Man" Defense
• An Off-balancing Exercise
• A Final Kumite

Dynamic Martial Arts Integration 1
Annesi LIVE in Germany!

VOLUME TWO, 2 hours:
• Finishing with Kesa-gatame
• Finishing with Yoko-shiho-gatame
• A Wrist Hold Kumite
• Finishing with An Aiki Holddown
• Identifying Principles
• Kumite vs. a Strike
• Minimzing the Waza
• A Little Exercise
• A Little Diversion
• Aiki Escapes
• Questions & Answers

Dynamic Martial Arts Integration 2
Annesi LIVE in Germany!

VOLUME THREE, 2 hours:
• Reaction Drill
• Iai Kumite
• Body Part Action Drill
• Getting Smaller
• Judo & "Aiki Judo": Sasae-tsuri-komi-ashi
• Judo & "Aiki Judo": De-ashi-barai
• Judo & "Aiki Judo": O-soto-gari
• Judo & "Aiki Judo": Koshi Nage
• Judo Chokes: Hadaka-jime
• Final Questions

Dynamic Martial Arts Integration 3
Annesi LIVE in Germany!

3 DVDs, 6 hours, AL-19   $99.00 Dynamic Martial Arts Integration

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Ground Defense

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Transmutation, the Next Generation
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Elevated Elementals

Elevated Elementals


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