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  Aiki DVDs, Karate DVDs, Sogo Budo DVDs

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Aiki DVDs, Karate DVDs, Sogo Budo DVDs

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Aiki DVDs, Karate DVDs, Sogo Budo DVDs

Hanshi Tony Annesi

• Advisory council, Nippon Kobudo Renmei (NKR)

• Steering Committee, International Society of Okinawan/Japanese Karate-do

• Member of 3 Martial Arts Halls of Fame

A martial artist since 1964

9th dan, Takeshin Aiki

8th dan, Takeshin Karate

6th Dan, Shotokan Karate

2nd dan, Judo











Lexicon J.K.LN E W !

Lexicon of Advanced Budo J,K,L: "Jousting"

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2 hour DVD: Lexicon J, K, L free domestic shipping

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Aikido Toolkit 1Aikido Toolkit 1Hanshi Annesi teaches principles and approaches that offer technical insights as well as solutions to common Aikido training problems.
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CONTENTS, Volume 1:
Shomen-uchi Ikkyo- how to receive more softly & takedown without pushing uke away
PRINCIPLES: Weight Control, Back Pressure, Coil to Uncoil, Potential Base
Kata-dori Nikyo- how to lock without pain
PRINCIPLES: Weight Control
Kosa-dori Sankyo- how to enter without resistance
PRINCIPLES: Back Pressure, Unified Body Motion
CONTENTS, Volume 2:
Kosa-dori Sankyo (continued)- how to throw without uke stepping away
PRINCIPLES: Potential Base, The Wave
re: Kuzushi- methods of off-balancing
Shomen-uchi Irimi Nage- how to easily keep control of uke & help him throw himself
PRINCIPLES: Back Pressure, Unified Body Motion
Kokyu-ho, etc.- how to pre-offbalance and minimize effort

2 DVDs, 3 hours, A-58, normally $79.00 Aikido Toolkit 1

DOWNLOAD: 2 parts, 3 hours, A-58-DL, normally $59.00 Aikido Toolkit 1-DL

ONLY $49 DVD or Download

Valid to Dec. 31, 2017