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Aiki DVDs, Karate DVDs, Sogo Budo DVDs

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Host a Bushido-Kai Seminar

with Tony Annesi, Kudan Hanshi.

Choose from past seminar topics (our videos will give you many ideas) or consult with Hanshi Annesi to make a seminar customized to your dojo's needs. Our costs are low and we offer a special program for first-time sponsors. Inquire about reduced rates when school supplies an experienced videographer (we supply the camera and media).

Bushido-kai Seminars offer a compelling way to enrich the martial arts curriculum of your students. We focus on principles, and express these principles through the details of technique that can be adjusted to many different styles.

  • Insights you did not expect
  • Details of how to learn or train to master new skills
  • Examples from various martial arts
  • Adjustments of principles to fit your chose art
  • Good humor and smooth teaching style

"Every time I attend one of Tony Annesi's seminars, I leave with a tremendous boost of insight and inspiration; and the knowledge I gain breathes new life into my practice of martial arts. I highly recommend Tony Annesi and his seminars to all serious traditional martial artists." --Roger Paradis, M.A., L.M.T.

  • Renewed enthusiam about training
  • New ways to see old material
  • Shortcuts for instant improvement
  • Feeling like you area beginner, but at a master's level
  • Feeling overwhelmed with knowledge but wanting more.

For more information on hosting a seminar, download our special seminar kit and fee arrangements. For further information on seminars contact

Bushido-kai Kenkyukai member schools receive reduced rates; schools interested in membership in this federation may write to Bushido-Kai.
If you are interested in our federation and would like to receive a copy of our Handbook for Member Instructors at $25, order here:  Kai Manual

Sponsors of seminars pay for travel, room & board and the following seminar/clinic fees:

Bushido-Kai Rate Card
Half-day seminars (2-3 hours): $750
Full-day seminars (4-5 hours): $1000
Additional full-days in sequence: $750 per day
Additional half-days in sequence: $500 per day
Travel costs plus 50% of seminar fees will serve as a deposit to secure your seminar date. First time sponsors, please ask for our special program.


Feel free to ask questions by emailing or by calling
508 881-4007.

Current Seminar Schedule

Aiki DVDs, Karate DVDs, Sogo Budo DVDs

Hanshi Tony Annesi

• Advisory council, Nippon Kobudo Renmei (NKR)

• Steering Committee, International Society of Okinawan/Japanese Karate-do

• Member of 3 Martial Arts Halls of Fame

A martial artist since 1964

10th dan, Takeshin Aiki

10th dan, Takeshin Karate

6th Dan, Shotokan Karate

2nd dan, Judo

Aiki DVDs, Karate DVDs, Sogo Budo DVDs

Hanshi, International Society of Okinawan/Japanese Karate-do

ISOK Hanshi