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ElevAted Elementals Details

Aiki DVDs, Karate DVDs, Sogo Budo DVDs

I just wanted to let you know how much I enjoyed the Elevated Elementals, Basics as Advanced Budo Seminar. It was packed with basic and advanced information critical to any martial artist of any rank. This seminar has opened my eyes to how much there is to know and how much more there is to learn as a martial artist.
--E. D. G., New Jersey

Kihon (Basics) = Okuden (Advanced Teachings)
ElevAted Elementals

Your basics, hard or soft, are the roots of and the key to learning advanced budo. DISCOVER:

  • How to TEST basics
  • How to choose the ideal "Proper" FORM
  • How to vary and TRANSMUTE basics
  • How to draw PRINCIPLES from VARIATIONS

With examples from Aiki, Karate, and Seiken Budo, this study is an introduction to and a summary of 15+ years of work in Sogo Budo. From the book by the same name.

2 hours, 30 min. AK-46, $39.00  Elevated Elementals

DOWNLOAD: 2.5 hours AK-46-DL, $39.00  Elevated Elementals

I.  a FOUNDATION is slowly and meticulously constructed
• Introduction
• Two Sets of Basics
II. the resulting SPIRE is minimal and functional
• Between Variation & Principles

The book ELEVATED ELEMENTALS in e-book or paperback format.

Transmutation 1 Transmutation 2 Transmutation 3

Transmutation (3-DVD set)

Ground Defense

Ground Defense

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Transmutation, the Next Generation
(2-DVD set)

Elevated Elementals

Elevated Elementals

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