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The Chinese (Martial) Connection Details

Aiki DVDs, Karate DVDs, Sogo Budo DVDs

Have you ever wondered why so many seemingly divergent arts have techniques that appear similar? Certainly one reason is that there are only a finite number of ways to move the human body, but what if there were another, historical reason? Disciplines may differ, methods of practice and the organization of various arts may differ, but when they apply their training, when concept becomes technique, they look amazingly similar! Perhaps it is because many masters think with a similar mind-set or perhaps it is because the roots of their various arts grew on Chinese soil. The comparisons and contrasts of these methods, an interesting study itelf, will also serve to broaden one's view of one's own martial art. Striking, throwing, joint locking and defensive strategies flow into one another then flow out again in the form of one's own training!

DVD: 3 DVDs, 5+ Hours, CMCvs, $99.00  Chinese (Martial) Connection Set

DOWNLOAD: 3 sections, 5+ Hours, CMCvs-DL, $99.00  Chinese (Martial) Connection Set

The Roots of the Asian Arts
The Chinese (Martial) Connection

Chinese (Martial) Connection 1

Roberto Torres (Pencak Silat Perisai Setia), Ian Cyrus (Choson-Do), and Tony Annesi (Takeshin Sogo Budo) investigate the history of technique transmission throughout Asia. Sound a little too academic? Hardly! In part I, Guru Roberto Torres explains the Chinese origins of the Indonesian arts and illustrates the distinction between Pencak (Pentjak) and Silat with a fascinating series of avoidances, strikes, and takedowns. Kwang-jang Ian Cyrus relates his knowledge of Pa-kua (Ba-gwa) and its connection to other arts with techniques that approach at unusual angles.
DVD, 2 Hours, AK-25, $39.00 Chinese (Martial) Connection 1

Download, 2 Hours, AK-25-DL, $39.00 Chinese (Martial) Connection 1

• Introduction
• TORRES:  Pencak Silat & Kuntao
• Outside Entries
• Inside Entries
• Juru Satu (First Form)
• Juru Satu: Applications
• CYRUS: Ba-gua
• Posture
• Application of Basics
• Single Palm Change
• Applications of Palm Change
• "It's All There"
•  Q & A

Chinese (Martial) Connection 2

Shihan Tony Annesi shows a simple version of the Hakucho (White Bird) kata, relates it historically to China and then shows applications that look like aiki! Guru Torres relates entries and basic Jurus (forms) of the Indonesian arts to the previous material.
DVD, 1.75 Hours, AK-26, $39.00 Chinese (Martial) Connection 2

Download, 1.75 Hours, AK-26-DL, $39.00 Chinese (Martial) Connection 2

• ANNESI: Introduction to Hakutsuru (White Crane)
• Hakucho Performed
• Hakucho Taught
• Hakucho Bunkai (analysis)
• Hakucho Commentary
• TORRES: More from Juru Satu
• CYRUS: More from Ba-gua
• ANNESI: Bringing Things Together
• More on Hakutsuru Kata
• More Hakucho Bunkai

Chinese (Martial) Connection 3

Kwang-jang Cyrus introduces concepts of Chinese medicine and shows a Resuscitation "kata." Guru Torres introduces Indonesian grappling. Shihan Annesi relates previously seen techniques to the opening of Tekki Shodan (Naihanchi).
DVD, 1.5 Hours, AK-27, $39.00 Chinese (Martial) Connection 3

Download, 1.5 Hours, AK-27-DL, $39.00 Chinese (Martial) Connection 3

    • CYRUS: A Choson-do's Chinese Connection
    • Choson-do Hand Skills
    • A Resuscitation "Kata"
    • TORRES: Indonesian Grappling
    • ANNESI: Tekki (Iron Horseman) Kata
  • Aiki "Garami Waza" (entangling technique)
  • TORRES: More Grappling
  • ANNESI: Seiken ("righteous" combined fist) Budo
  • Final Comments

DVD: 3 DVDs, 5+ Hours, CMCvs, $99.00  Chinese (Martial) Connection Set

DOWNLOAD: 3 sections, 5+ Hours, CMCvs-DL, $99.00  Chinese (Martial) Connection Set

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