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Transmutation Details

Aiki DVDs, Karate DVDs, Sogo Budo DVDs

I must admit: I read the blurb about videos for thinking martial artists and thought, "Ooh yeah, here we go again. But a pleasant surprise! A well thought-out, well presented, informative set of videos. The Transmutation videos will not gather dust! I believe the more I use them, the more depth of detail and greater understanding will be mine. A deep, long Rei to all involved. --Gilbert Ross, Lancashire, England

TRANSMUTATION was the best video I have ever seen. --Jim Edwards, Shito-kai Karate, Colorado

A Lock is a Block is a Blow is a Throw


3 DVDs, 5 hours, TS, $99.00 Transmutation Set

3 DOWNLOADS, 5 hours, TS-DL, $99 Transmutation Set-DL


Hanshi Bruce Juchnik (Sei Kosho Shorei Kai) and Shihan Tony Annesi (Takeshin Sogo Budo) teach you how to unify the arts by showing that, with small adjustments, a Lock is a Block is a Blow is a Throw. Bruce Juchnik is known for his relaxed presentation of unusual concepts. Tony Annesi is known for his organized and clear analysis of techniques. With them, you'll move from style to style, from technical shape to technical shape to bring many martial arts into the same family. Learn how the formof a technique varies not only according to function but also according to historical and cultural preference. The differences in styles are often not in effectiveness but only in appearance and sometimes in mere incidental detail.
A Lock is a Block is a Blow is a Throw. When you can transmute your favorite blow into a throw, you have soft within your hard style. When you can transmute your favorite lock into a block, you have hard within your soft style. (90 min.)
• Introduction
• JUCHNIK on "Caging"
• ANNESI: Transmutating TAKESHIN SHOMEI ODORI (Bamboo Spirit Proof Dance)
• Transmutating KAO ATE (Face Strike)

AK-13, $39.00 Transmutation 1

DOWNLOAD: 90 min. AK-13-DL, $39.00 Transmutation 1


Hanshi Juchnik on "always move twice" and "caging". Shihan Annesi on seeing advanced applications within basics. You will learn how to understand technical methods with "a master's mind" by seeing beyond the surface form. Once you study principles (see PAB videos) and know how a technique works, you are then free to change its form while maintaining its essence. Even your most basic techniques hold within them advanced applications. Discover how! (90 min.)
• JUCHNIK: An Indonesiam Attitude
• With a Karate Attitude
• With a Blade Attitude
• "Add a Little Silat"
• With a Northern Gung-fu Accent
• "A Tired Technique"
• A Takedown or Throw
• Going Filipino
• ANNESI: KAO ATE as a Block
• The Invisible Variation
• Invisible Block On Top
• With An Elbow Jolt
• Inside vs. a Low Punch
• KOSA-DACHI (cross stance) & IKKYO
• Block Transmutated to KAGI (keylock)

AK-14, $39.00 Transmutation 2

DOWNLOAD: 90 min. AK-14-DL, $39.00 Transmutation 2


Juchnik applies his concepts to the use of a blade. Annesi unifies the theme and transmutes advanced techniques back to basic ones. The circle comes around. As an experienced martial artist, you do not have to practice every one of your 10,000 variations to stay skilled. You continue practicing basics, but perceive them with "a master's mind". For you, the advanced becomes simple because it always resided in the basic. Now you can transmute the basic into the advanced at will. (120 min.)
• JUCHNIK: What Goes In Goes Out
• Re: Skeletal Freezing
• To Change Attitude, Move the Cage
• Re: Alignments
• Natural Hand Strike • Positioning as Preparation • Breaking Mental Balance • Kamae as Strategy • With Heavy Blocking • JUCHNIK: What is Kempo? • Monkey Method • Blade Style • ANNESI: KAKE-UKE (hook reception) as a Lock • Without the Lock • KAKE-UKE as a Throw • KAKE-UKE as a Blow • With an Inside Sweep • Converting to Judo • Seiken Budo Versions

AK-15, $39.00  Transmutation 3

DOWNLOAD: 2 hrs., AK-15-DL, $39.00  Transmutation 3


3 DVDs, 5 Hours, TS, $99.00 Transmutaiton Set

3 DOWNLOADS, 5 hours, TS-DL, $99 Transmutation Set-DL

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