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Ground Defense Details

Aiki DVDs, Karate DVDs, Sogo Budo DVDs

Avoid Grappling!

   This DVD is not about grappling. It is about AVOIDING GRAPPLING. Although grappling  is an important combat skill, it is not suited for everyone. When you defend yourself, you do not spend more than a moment with one opponent unless absolutely necessary. Attackers know they can suddenly tackle and take down almost anyone! Now you will be able to fight back!
   • Know what to do if you are kneeling, sitting, or lying down as an attacker approaches.
   • Understand your options if he decides to rush you.
   • Plan your escape even if he has you pinned down.
Although there is no guaranteed escape from every assailant in every situation, GROUND DEFENSE will prepare you for self-protection from many disadvantageous positions. Down is NOT OUT!
2 Hours, 30 min., AK-41: ONLY $49 Ground Defense

DOWNLOAD: 2.5 Hours, AK-41-DL: ONLY $49 Ground Defense

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Down is Not Out!
Inferior Superiority: Ground Defense

• Introduction
• Ukemi as Preparation
• Shikkô (knee walking) & Low Falling
• Shintai (body movement) & Tai-sabaki (pivoting)
• "The Sidewinder"
• vs. Leg Takedown
• Regarding Mixing Methods
• Going with the Takedown
• Kicks from the Ground
• Resisting a Pull from Sitting
• "Touch-pass" Drill
• "Egg-roll" vs. Kicks
• Legs vs. a Grappling Entry
• Merging Kneeling & Lying Waza
• vs. Multiple Attackers
• vs. "the Mount"
• vs. "Schoolyard Pin" 
• A Reference to Tekki Kata
• A Final Exercise 
• General Rules 
• Q & A

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