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The Science of Sogo Budo Details

Aiki DVDs, Karate DVDs, Sogo Budo DVDs

How can you integrate hard into soft or soft into hard without doing a disservice to your original martial art? Do you study a Formalistic, Interpretive, or Eclectic martial art? Which method of martial integration is best for you?

It was a great expierence.; The instructors were very insightful. they explained in intricate detail how a technique workds, its origins and how to apply it. The instructors related well to each other and each built upon the other's material. Every technique was related back to the theme of the seminar. This seminar was for the thinking martial artist, not for the Van Damme Bam Bam wannabees. One learned more than anyone cold hope to remember!
--Eric Asplund, Phoenix, Arizona

3 DVDs, 5 Hours, SSBvs, $99.00 Science of Sogo Budo Set

Downloads available one section at a time (see below).

Integrated Martial Arts
The Science of Sogo Budo

Science of Sogo Budo 1

Ian Cyrus (inheritor of Choson-Do), Tony Annesi (Takeshin Sogo Budo) and Brian Wilkes (Seishi-ryu Sogo Budo) illustrate how to recognize your art for what it really is and really can be. Find out how to integrate hard and soft, large and small, striking, and locking methods without doing a disservice to your chosen martial art. Learn the 5 methods to "sogo-ize" your art, understand technical skills from an historical point of view, and discover why "style" is a necessary limitation that masters go beyond. Witness thought provoking viewpoints and beautifully conjoined techniques (from aiki, karate, Korean arts, Japanese sword, Chinese internal arts and others) — enough to keep you, the thinking martial artist, viewing this DVD set again and again.
In Part 1, Shihan Annesi illustrates how a basic hook block can be used as a lock, a blow, or a throw; Kwang-jang (stylistic head) Ian Cyrus continues the theme, integrating Annesi's movements with techniques from his own art; and Brian Wilkes relates the theme to the Japanese sword.
DVD, 1.75 Hours, AK-22, $39.00 Science of Sogo Budo 1

Download, 1.75 Hours, AK-22-DL, $39.00 Science of Sogo Budo 1

• ANNESI: Introduction
• Categories of Integration
• Interpretation of Kake-uke (hook block)
• CYRUS: Choson-do History
• Choson-do's Signature Palms
• Adding Avoidances
• Stance vs. Posture
• "Wrapping his energy"
• "Tightening" Movements
• CYRUS: Choson-do Lower Body
• WILKES: A Sense of History
• Aiki & Katana, Judo & Naginata
• Waza from Iaido


Science of Sogo Budo 2

Annesi continues the sword analogy; Cyrus adds striking and kicking to the theme, and Wilkes completes his historical perspective.
DVD, 2 Hours, AK-23, $39.00 Science of Sogo Budo 2

Download, 2 Hours, AK-23-DL, $39.00 Science of Sogo Budo 2

• ANNESI: Transmutation/Swordarm
• CYRUS Continues Annesi's Theme
• Inside Entry with Palm Rotations
• A Perspective on Kicking
• A Version of Kote Gaeshi
• Relaxed Striking
• WILKES: 2 Questions
• ANNESI: An Historical Perspective
• Regarding Pastiching
• From Form to Function


Science of Sogo Budo 3

Annesi and Cyrus both discuss the concept of "styles," conclude the 5 principles of integration and relate them to various stylistic techniques.
DVD, 2 Hours, AK-24, $39.00 Science of Sogo Budo 3

Download, 2 Hours, AK-24-DL, $39.00 Science of Sogo Budo 3

• CYRUS: A Choson-do Hand Blade
• ANNESI: Comparing Differences
• A Technical Interpretation
• 3 Notes on "Sogo-izing"
• CYRUS: Traditions Flow • Choson-do Block & Counter • Walking the Circle • ANNESI: Ba-gua/Aiki Connection • A Comparison of Punches • Dealing with a Jab • Expanding Horizons

3 DVDs, 5 Hours, SSBvs, $99.00 Science of Sogo Budo Set

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