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Aiki DVDs, Karate DVDs, Sogo Budo DVDs

Sudden Attack Defense Details

Aiki DVDs, Karate DVDs, Sogo Budo DVDs

Ippon Kumite for Today's World
Sudden Attack Defense

     Standard Traditional Ippon Kumite (Embu Kumite) prepares one for a face-to-face street attack. What if the opponent does not attack face-to-face? What if he does not use a head-high lunge punch? And, what does training in one-step sparring lead to if not freestyle sparring?
      The Okinawan masters knew that one-step sparring was a way to apply basics learned in kata. A variety of sparring drills help you react to unexpected attacks. By learning a logical, incremental set of one-step drills, you prepare for real sudden attack.
      Few students or teachers realize the depth to which the one-step exercises can go. This 3-part video series starts with traditional practices, troubleshoots them, and gradually adds variations until unexpected but nonetheless realistic drills emerge: Touch-Pass, SAD (Sudden Attack Defense), and CAD (Combat Attack Defense.) This video series allows you to bridge the gap between the old master's teachings and self-defense in today's world.

3 DVDs, 5.5 hours, SADvs, ONLY $99.00 SAD set

3 sections, 5.5 hours, SADvs-DL, ONLY $99.00 SAD set

• Introduction
• Re: Traditional Ippon Kumite (1-step engagement), etc.
• A.B.Ob.A.Fu.Go.
• Jodan (upper level) Ippon Kumite
• Jo-Chu-Ge (high-medium-low) Ippon Kumite
• Adjusting Distance
• Jiyu (Free) Ippon Kumite
• "Artificial Officialness"
• Nihon (2-step) Ippon Kumite
• Kaesho Kumite (Countering Engagements)
• Reaction Drill (Sute Geiko)
• "The Gaunlet"
• "Circle Drill"
• The Art Contributes to the Skills
• The ABObAFuGo Paradigm
• AVOID ("A" of ABObAFuGo)

• AVOID (continued)
• A Quick Review
• Counter ATTACK

• FOLLOW-UP (continued)
• A Review (via Principles)
• re: Peripheral Vision
• re: Mindful Martial Arts
• A.B.Ob.A.Fu.Go. Revisited
• Touch-pass Drill
• Putting It Together
• vs. Multiple Opponents
• Converting CAD to SAD
• Other Drills
• A Quick Summation

The book SUDDEN ATTACK DEFENSE in e-book or paperback format.


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Off-balancing Blocks

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Inside the Kumite Gap

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Attacker's 2nd Blow

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Sudden Attack Defense 1 Sudden Attack Defense 2 Sudden Attack Defense 3

Sudden Attack Defense (3-DVD set) 

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Sogo Budo DVDs, Karate DVDs, Aiki DVDs, Aiki DVD, Karate DVDs, Sogo Budo DVDs