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Goju/Uechi Seisan Details   

Aiki DVDs, Karate DVDs, Sogo Budo DVDs

Bushido-kai's Kata Comparison Series

Goju and Uechi Seisan: Form, Structure, & Application

A follow-up to Hangetsu/Aragaki Seisan. This video compares and contrasts the two most similar and yet quite different forms of Seisan performed by "cousin" styles. The kata were most likely from the same province and related styles in China. We recommend that you compare this video presentation with Hangetsu/Aragaki Seisan in order to have all four major versions of Seisan available for comparison and contrast.
DVD (2.25 hours) KCS-7, $49  Goju/Uechi Seisan

DOWNLOAD: 2.25 hours, KCS-7-DL, $49  Lexicon of Advanced Budo E
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• Introduction & History
• Walk through Goju SEISAN
• Goju SEISAN Performed
• Double Forearm Blocks
• Double Palm Pushaway
• Chop to Open Palm
• Double Lifting Palms
• Regarding Stylistic Punches
• Double Eye Spear
• Heel Lifts (Back Snap Kicks)
• Low Palm Blocks & Palmheel Strikes
• High/Low Forearm Blocks
• Arm Catch, Throat Grab
• Cross Step to Shiko Dachi (square stance)
• Low Side Kick
• Uppercut, etc.
• Hook Block to Front Kick
• Closing Comments
• Regarding Uechi SEISAN
• Walk through Uechi SEISAN
• Uechi SEISAN Performed
• Regarding Fingertips
• Double Ridgehands
• Upward Palmheels, etc.
• Low Palm Scoops
• Double One-knuckle Fists
• Upward Elbow Strike
• Outside Hammerfist
• Knee Strike
• Shiko Dachi (square stance)
• Crane Stance, etc.
• Closing Comments
• Comparing 4 SEISANS


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Goju / Uechi Seisan


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KING SIZE Kata Comparison Set

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15 DVDs, 24.25 HOURS  KSKCs: $499 King-size Kata Set

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