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Aiki DVDs, Karate DVDs, Sogo Budo DVDs

 Tensho, Hakucho, Papuren Details 

Aiki DVDs, Karate DVDs, Sogo Budo DVDs

The Aiki of Karate
Tensho, Hakucho, Papuren

Many karate arts claim to start hard and develop soft skills at an advanced level. That soft instruction (if any) turns out to be a few lessons in joint locks that has little or nothing to do with traditional kata. This double-video set is a unique approach to three traditional kata from Goju and White Crane that are overtly sought but seldom studied for the oyo (applications).
You will learn each form, its stances and individual hand techniques and then Hanshi Annesi will add "the Takeshin element" before revealing dozens of applications, some direct, but most subtle, fluid, and using energy that is somewhere between internal Chinese martial arts and traditional Japanese aiki. Volume One has over 1.5 hours of new material and 50 additional minutes of excerpted Tensho applications from The Road to Mastery. Volume Two has nearly 1.25 hours of new material plus a 65-minutes selection of Hakucho instruction from The Chinese (Martial) Connection.

2 DVDs (4 hours, 45 min.) KCS-11, $79/set Tensho, Hakucho, Papuren

DOWNLOAD: 2 Parts, 4 hours, 45 min., KCS-11-DL, $79  Lexicon of Advanced Budo E
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Volume One:
• Introduction
• Basics
• TENSHO Sequence
• HAKUCHO Sequence
• PAPUREN Sequence
• Basic Applicaitons (Mixed)
• from TENSHO: hooks
• from PAPUREN: wings
• from TENSHO: wrists
• excerpt from Road to Mastery (1994)

Volume Two:
• from HAKUCHO:
• wings
• horizontal wrists/beaks
• vertical wrists
• wings to triangle
• excerpts from Chinese (Martial) Connection (1996)
• from PAPUREN:
• square stance
• wings and forearms
• palms facing
• middle-down-middle
• wrists
• Summation

Bunkai ExtensionBunkai Extension1

From KATA to the STREETS  1-6 (12 hrs)

ONLY $359

6 DVDsKata to Streets 1-6 DVD

6 Downloads Kat to streets 1-6 Downlaods

From Kata to the Streets 5From Kata to the Streets 6

From Kata to the Streets 5From Kata to the Streets 5

From Kata to the Streets 4From Kata to the Streets 4

From Kata to the Streets 3From Kata to the Streets 3

From Kata to the Streets 2From Kata to the Streets 2

From Kata to the Streets 1From Kata to the Streets 1

Nijushiho vs. NiseishiNijushiho vs. Niseishi


GojushihoThe Hard & Soft Applications of Gojushiho

Aiki of Karate 1 Aiki of Karate 2 Tensho, Papuren, Hakucho: The Aiki of Karate (2-DVD set)





Gou/Uechi SeisanGoju / Uechi Seisan

HangetsuHangetsu/Aragaki Seisan

GankakuGankaku / Matsumora Rohai

MeikyoMeikyo / Itosu Rohai 1, 2, 3

Ji-in, Jutte, JionJi'in, Jutte, Jion

Wankan/MatsukazeWankan / Mastukaze

Empi/WanshuEmpi / Wanshu

KING SIZE Kata Comparison Set

Empi WanshuWankan MatsukazeJi'in Jutte JionMeikyo Itosu Rohai 1-2-3Gankaku Matsumora RohaiHangetsu Aragaki SeisanUechi-Goju Seisan
Kanku-ShoBassai-ShoGojushiho-Dai ShoLost Channan 1Lost Channan 2Aiki of Karate 1Aiki of Karate 2Nijushiho/Niseishi

KCS-1 through 12 PLUS The Lost Channan Kata

15 DVDs, 24.25 HOURS  KSKCs: $499 King-size Kata Set

Downloads: KingSize Kata Comparison-DL

Channan 1 Channan 2 The Lost Channan Kata


Mawashi UkeMawashi Uke
Sogo Budo DVDs, Karate DVDs, Aiki DVDs, Aiki DVD, Karate DVDs, Sogo Budo DVDs