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Matsukaze/Wankan Details  

Aiki DVDs, Karate DVDs, Sogo Budo DVDs

Bushido-kai's Kata Comparison Series

Matsukaze/Wankan: Form, Structure, & Application

Offered at the Nidan level of Takeshin Karate-do, Shotokan-style Wankan (King's Crown) is compared to Shito-ryu's Matsukaze (Pine Wind) which is also known as Wankan. The kata are shown individually, then side-by-side. Shihan Annesi then illustrates numerous applications from both kata. A non-stop hour-and-a-half of advanced karate analysis and application.
1 DVD (1.5 hrs) KCS-2, $39 Matsukaze/Wankan

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• Introduction & History
• Wankan Performed
• Matsukaze Performed
• Side-by-side
• Regarding Variations
• Wankan Kakiwake-uke (wedge block)
• Tekubi Awase Uke (combined wrist reception)
• Tate Shuto-uke, Ren-zuki (vertical knife hand block, combination punch)
• Sukui-uke (scoop block)
• Yoko Tettsui-uke (side hammerfist block)
• Mae-geri, Oi-zuki (front kick, lunge punch)
• Sochin (fighting monk stance), Yama-zuki (mountain punch)
• Matsukaze Shuto-uke (knife hand blocks)
• Ryo Tettsui Yoko Uchi (double hammerfist side strikes)
• "The Matsukaze Sequence"
• Mawatte, Gedan-barai (turn, downblock)
• Sukui-uke, etc.
• Closing Comments

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