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Aiki DVDs, Karate DVDs, Sogo Budo DVDs

Meikyo & Itosu Rohai Details   

Aiki DVDs, Karate DVDs, Sogo Budo DVDs

Bushido-kai's Kata Comparison Series

Meikyo & Itosu Rohai 1, 2, 3: Form, Structure, & Application

Shotokan-style version of Meikyo (Shuri-te influenced) compared and contrasted with its root forms the three versions of Rohai (Emblem of a Heron) from Ankoh Itosu (these forms share a name with, but are not the same as, the Matsumora Rohai done by Shorin, Shito and Tang Soo do stylists.)

1 DVD (2.5 hours) KCS-4, $49  Meikyo, Itosu Rohai

DOWNLOAD: 2.5 hours, KCS-4-DL, $49  Lexicon of Advanced Budo E
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• Introduction
• Meikyo Performed
• History
• Walk through Meikyo
• Initial Wedge Block
• Jo (staff) Waza
• Same Waza without Jo
• Crescent Kick, etc.
• Hard vs. Soft Applications
• Double Backfist Block
• X-block
• Re: Apparent Paradox
• Double Uppercut
• Triangle Jump
• Introduction to Itosu Rohai
• Itosu Rohai 1 Performed
• Itosu Rohai 1 Taught
• Spearhand, etc.
• Crane Stance
• Introduction to Itosu Rohai 2
• Itosu Rohai 2 Performed
• Itosu Rohai 2 Taught
• Cross-stance, Reverse Punch
• Cross-stance, X-block
• Introduction to Itosu Rohai 3
• Itosu Rohai 3 Performed
• Itosu Rohai 3 Taught
• Low Manji-uke (figure 10,000 or fylfot block)
• Arm Catch
• Side Strike, Hook Punch
• Comparison to Meikyo
• Regarding "Bird Kata"

Nijushiho vs. Niseishi

Nijushiho vs. Niseishi



The Hard & Soft Applications of Gojushiho

Aiki of Karate 1 Aiki of Karate 2 Tensho, Papuren, Hakucho: The Aiki of Karate (2-DVD set)








Gou/Uechi Seisan

Goju / Uechi Seisan


Hangetsu/Aragaki Seisan


Gankaku / Matsumora Rohai


Meikyo / Itosu Rohai 1, 2, 3

Ji-in, Jutte, Jion

Ji'in, Jutte, Jion


Wankan / Mastukaze


Empi / Wanshu

KING SIZE Kata Comparison Set

Empi WanshuWankan MatsukazeJi'in Jutte JionMeikyo Itosu Rohai 1-2-3Gankaku Matsumora RohaiHangetsu Aragaki SeisanUechi-Goju Seisan
Kanku-ShoBassai-ShoGojushiho-Dai ShoLost Channan 1Lost Channan 2Aiki of Karate 1Aiki of Karate 2Nijushiho/Niseishi

KCS-1 through 12 PLUS The Lost Channan Kata

15 DVDs, 24.25 HOURS  KSKCs: $499 King-size Kata Set

Downloads: KingSize Kata Comparison-DL

Channan 1 Channan 2

The Lost Channan Kata

From Kata to the Streets 1

From Kata to the Streets 1

Mawashi UkeMawashi Uke
Sogo Budo DVDs, Karate DVDs, Aiki DVDs, Aiki DVD, Karate DVDs, Sogo Budo DVDs