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Minimal Motion Seiken Budo Details  

Aiki DVDs, Karate DVDs, Sogo Budo DVDs

Hard Meets Soft Meets Minimal Motion
Minimal Motion Seiken Budo

At SEIKEN BUDO's yondan (4th degree) level, you draw the opponent in and move only minimally while defending with both hard and soft movements in a deceptively relaxed fashion. Shihan Annesi refers to the result as "Educated Garbage." You'll be shocked at how quickly Minimal Motion Seiken Budo is learned and how easily it is applied.

3 DVDs, 4.75 hours, TBS-3, $99  Minimal Motion Seiken Budo

DOWNLOAD: 3 sections, 4.75 hours, TBS-3-DL, $99  Minimal Motion Seiken Budo

• Introduction
• Neutral Stance Basics
• Back Stance Basics
• Front Stance Basics
• Foot/Leg Basics
• Gate Opening/Closing
• Aiki Escapes with Karate Finishes
• BONUS! 1992 Footage

• Neutral Stance Applications
• vs. Various Attacks
• Back Stance Applications
• Front Stance Applicatins
• vs. Combinations
• Single Arm Dummy Practice
• re: Dissolving Techniques
• BONUS! 1993 Footage

• Double Arm Dummy Practice
• vs. Combinations 2
• vs. A Stick
• vs. Jab/Hook & Jab/Gut Shot
• vs. Multiple Attackers
• Relevant Drills
• Lower Body Work
• vs. Other Attacks
• A Quick Review

Integrating the Budo 5

Integrating the Budo 4

Integrating the Budo 3

Integrating the Budo 2

Integrating the Budo 1Integrating the Budo 1

^...Integrating the Budo...^

MinMo Sogo 5Minimal Motion Sogo Budo 5

MinMo Sogo 4Minimal Motion Sogo Budo 4

MinMo Sogo 3Minimal Motion Sogo Budo 3

MinMo Sogo 2Minimal Motion Sogo Budo 2

MinMo Sogo 1Minimal Motion Sogo Budo 1

$159 ^ DVDs MinMoSogo SET^...Minimize and Utilize, Vols. 1-3...^ Downloads MinMoSogo SET-DL^ $159

Dynamic Integration 1 Dynamic Integration 2 Dynamic Integration 3

Dynamic Martial Arts Integration



Maximal Minimal Motion Introduction

Introduction to Seiken-Shodan Introduction to Seiken-Nidan, Sandan Introduction to Seiken-Yondan

An Introduction to Takeshin Seiken Budo

Secrets of Seiken Budo 1 Secrets of Seiken Budo 2 Secrets of Seiken Budo 3

Secrets of Seiken Budo (3-DVD set)


Skils & Drills 1 Skills & Drills 2

Skills & Drills of Seiken Budo (2-DVD set)


Kick, Lock, & Shock Seiken Budo 1 Kick, Lock, & Shock Seiken Budo 2 Kick, Lock, & Shock Seiken Budo 3

Kick, Lock, & Shock Seiken Budo (3-DVD set)

Attack-the-Attack Seiken Budo 1 Attack-the-Attack Seiken Budo 2 Attack-the-Attack Seiken Budo 3

Attack-the-Attack Seiken Budo (3-DVD set)


Minimal Motion Seiken Budo 1 Minimal Motion Seiken Budo 2Minimal Motion Seiken Budo 3

Minimal Motion Seiken Budo

GTriangle Defense

The Triangle Defense

Training the Triangle Defense

Training the Triangle Defense

Triangle Defense High & Low: Triangle Defense & Training the Triangle Defense
2 DVDs, 4.5 hours, TSB-HL, $79  Triangle Defense High & Low