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Comparative Aiki in Action 3 Details

Aiki DVDs, Karate DVDs, Sogo Budo DVDs

comparative Aiki 38 Yonkyo, 13 Kote Gaeshi. Evaluations of efficacy from Shihan Tony Annesi (Takeshin Aiki-Ju-jutsu)
Among the least streetworthy techniques is yonkyo (also called Gakun, Gyakon, and Tekubi Osae), yet it is also among the most painful. How can this be?  Among the most used techniques in self-defense is Kote Gaeshi, but it also has some of the most elongated and indirect entries. How can it be functional if it takes so long to apply? That depends on one's intended use and the situation of the moment.

• 2 Takedowns
• Undergrip Mae-nage (front throw)
• Overgrip Mae-nage
• Wrist Positions
• vs. A Stubborn Wrist
• vs. Chudan Tsuki (mid-level punch) outside application
• vs. Kosa-dori (cross grip)
• vs. Chudan Tsuki (inside application)
• Weight Drop Version
• Forearm Fold vs. Cross-grip
• Floating Uke with Tenkan
• Closing thoughts & Questions
• Review of Previous Attractions

1.5 Hours, A-9, $39.00 Comparative Aiki in Action 3

DOWNLOAD: 1.5 hours, A-9-DL, $39  Lexicon of Advanced Budo E
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6 DVDs (A-7 thru A-12).
9.5 HOURS, CAiAS: ONLY 189.00  Comparative Aiki Set
6 DOWNLOADS (A-7-DL thru A-12-DL).
9.5 HOURS, CAiAS-DL: ONLY 189.00  Comparative Aiki Set


Aiki-ju-jutsu Toolkit 4Aiki-ju-jutsu Toolkit 4

Aiki-ju-jutsu Toolkit 4

Aiki-ju-jutsu Toolkit 2Aiki-ju-jutsu Toolkit 3Aiki-ju-jutsu Toolkit 3

Aiki-ju-jutsu Toolkit 2

Aiki-ju-jutsu Toolkit 2

Aiki-ju-jutsu Tookit 2


Maximal Minimal Motion Introduction

Aiki-ju-jutsu Toolkit 1

Aiki-ju-jutsu Toolkit 1

Aikido toolkit 1b


Aikido toolkit 1a

Aikido Toolkit

Aiki for the Streets 2 Aiki for the Streets 1

Aiki for the Streets (2-DVD set)


Pascal Serei

Pascal Serei at Bushido-kai

Self-defense for the Streets combination set: Montreal's Pascal Serei and NYC's Miguel Ibarra:
3 DVDs, 5 hoursSD-S, $99.00
Self-defense of the Streets

Aiki, Hard & Soft

Aiki, Hard & Soft

Edge of Aiki

The Edge of Aiki

3 Levels of Aiki

3 Levels of Aiki

Aiki, Large & Small

Aiki, Large & Small

Methods on the Edge of Aiki: Aiki, Hard & Soft, The Edge of Aiki, 3 Levels of Aiki, The Edge of Aiki: 4 DVDs, 6.75 HOURS, MEA-p set, $139.00
Methods on the Edge of Aiki Plus



Aiki & Seiken at the 2019 Shinshin Gasshuku


Comparative Aiki 6

Comparative Aiki 6

Comparative Aiki 5

Comparative Aiki 5

Comparative Aiki in Action 4

Comparative Aiki 4

Comparative Aiki in Action 3

Comparative Aiki 3

Comparative Aiki in Action 2

Comparative Aiki 2

Comparative Aiki 1

Comparative Aiki 1

Comparative Aiki in Action Set, 6 DVDs, 9 HOURS

CAiAS, 189.00
Comparative Aiki Set

Comparative Aiki in Action ebook in Kindle or Nookbook format

Principles of Aiki 1  Principles of Aiki 2

The Principles of Aiki (2-DVD set)

American Masters

American Masters of 5 Aiki Arts

Soke Don Angier

Soke Don Angier at Bushido-kai

Roland Maroteaux

Shihan Roland Maroteaux at Bushido-kai

Wally Jay/Joe Cowles

Wally Jay & Joe Cowles at Bushido-kai

9 Modern Masters of Aiki and Ju-jutsu: American Masters, Don Angier, Roland Maraoteaux, Wally Jay & Joe Cowles, 4 DVDs, 7.5 HOURS, MS, $99
9 Modern Masters