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Cracking the Kata Code Details

Aiki DVDs, Karate DVDs, Sogo Budo DVDs

Bushido-kai's Kata Comparison Series
Cracking the Kata Code

3 DVDs, 6 hours of traditional karate with an iconoclastic approach!
CKCvs, ONLY $99.00 Cracking the Kata Code 3-DVD set

CKCvs-DL, ONLY $99.00 CKC 3 Downloads 3-DOWNLOADS set

(These videos are NOT style-specific. Any practitioner can learn how to benefit more from their studies by viewing CRACKING THE KATA CODE, The Foundation of Advanced Kata Study.)

Cracking the KATA Code 1: Igata & Kata

You know how to perform your kata but do you fully understand them? From the ground-breaking book of the same name (see book section), Shihan Tony Annesi reveals how kata is misunderstood by most practitioners, both modern eclecticists and traditionalists. There are two ideographs for kata. One implies a rigid mold, the other suggests a general shape — "the mold filled with gelatin." As a beginner you were instructed to follow the rigid mold, but did you learn how that rigidity becomes softened by interpretation and personal sensibilities in more senior practice? Annesi offers the details of a 3-tier approach to kata study. Chojun Miyagi said, "Kata are not simply an exhibition of form; they are concrete manifestations of techniques that can be transformed at any time to any form at will and in which the essence of karate has assumed a definite form."

• Introduction
• Any Learned Sequence is Kata
• Heian 1: Circle Strike
• "A Preview of Coming Attractions"
• One More from Heian Shodan
• Preset Waza is Kata
• Igata & Kata
• 3 Levels of Instruction
• Testing Postures
• Elbow Awareness
• Bio-electrical Testing
• Third-party Testing

Cracking the KATA Code 2: Types & Modes of Bunkai

Are you the unusual student who can see beyond the surface? Bunkai means sample, example, or analysis. A method of analysis that reveals unexpected techniques and principles is the subject of this and the next video. Sometimes bunkai reveals overt oyo (applications) but, in other cases, these oyo are intentionally indistinct, even barely suggested. Kata are like great books -- what they offer is obvious but there are multiple layers of meaning that only a talented teacher or student can reveal.

• Names & Ideographs
• Family & Themes
• Intermediate Applications
• "The Tekki Movement"
• Sample of Advanced Application
• Oyo (practical application)
• Heian 5 X-block
• "The Randori of Juho Kata"
• Introduction to Types & Modes
• First Movement of Bassai-dai
• What Type & Mode Is It?

Cracking the KATA Code 3: 10 Tips of Analyzing Kata

Test your interpretive talents. Shihan Annesi suggests 10 simple guidelines that can help martial artists get the most from their kata study. He uses an unusual kata, Aragaki Unsu (Cloud Hand), to demonstrate the ideas previously taught. Both students and Shihan Annesi contribute to the possible interpretation of the material covered, exemplifying an approach both very traditional and simultaneously ground-breaking.

• Combine Kata Moves
• Mix Moves from Same Series
• Apply at Different Levels
• Timing & Position Will Vary
• The Negative of a Movement
• Direction May Vary
• A Mastered Waza May Not Look Like the Kata
• Details have Details
• There is No Right or Wrong, Only Function
• Different Performance = Different Bunkai
• Adjust Attack to Kata, then Kata to Attack
• Aragaki UNSU Taught
• Aragaki UNSU Ideographs
• Making the First Block Work
• Twisting Downblock
• Twisting Middle Block
• Sanchin, Plam-edge Block
• Applications: The Opening
• Downblock, Twisitng Downblock
• Cross Stance, Forearm Strike
• Taps or Slide on Forearm
• Closing Comments

CKCvs, ONLY $99.00 Cracking the Kata Code 3-DVD set

CKCvs-DL, ONLY $99.00 CKC 3 Downloads 3-DOWNLOADS set


Bunkai ExtensionBunkai Extension1

From KATA to the STREETS  1-6 (12 hrs)

ONLY $359

6 DVDsKata to Streets 1-6 DVD

6 Downloads Kat to streets 1-6 Downlaods

From Kata to the Streets 5From Kata to the Streets 5

From Kata to the Streets 4From Kata to the Streets 4

From Kata to the Streets 3From Kata to the Streets 3

From Kata to the Streets 2From Kata to the Streets 2

From Kata to the Streets 1From Kata to the Streets 1

Mawashi UkeMawashi Uke

Aiki Aspect of KarateThe Aiki Aspect of Karate

Drill to DefendDrill to Defend

Uechi, Hard & SoftUechi, Hard Structure, Soft Applications

Aiki Locks from Karate KataAiki Locks from Karate Kata

KururunfaFire & Water 2: Kururunfa

SeienchinFire & Water 1: Seienchin

Karate Toolkit 2Karate Toolkit 2: Short Stance Styles

Karate Toolkit 1Karate Toolkit 1: Long Stance Styles


Aragaki SochinAragaki Sochin


Aiki throws form Karate Kata 1 Aiki Throws from Karate Kata 2  Aiki Throws from Karate Kata

Kanku-dai, elements of Self-defense 1 Kanku-dai, Elements of Self-defense 2Kanku-dai & the Elements of Self-defense
(2-DVD set)

Bassai, elements of Self-defenseBassai-dai & the Elements of Self-defense

Wankan, Theory & PracticeWankan, Theory & Practice

Tensho, Range of IntensityTensho, Range of Intensity

Form to FormlessForm to Formless


Cracking the Kata Code 1Cracking the Kata Code 1

Cracking the Kata Code 2Cracking the Kata Code 2

Cracking the Kata Code 3Cracking the Kata Code 3

Cracking the Kata Code
3-DVD set, 6 HOURS
, $99

Cracking the Kata Code

Cracking the Kata book

Sogo Budo DVDs, Karate DVDs, Aiki DVDs, Aiki DVD, Karate DVDs, Sogo Budo DVDs