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  Aiki DVDs, Karate DVDs, Sogo Budo DVDs

Kanku & The Elements of

Aiki DVDs, Karate DVDs, Sogo Budo DVDs

Shot in Toronto for the Tsuruoka Karate Organization, this seminar features applications from Kanku-dai not seen in previous programs. Using fundamental concepts and principles, Hanshi Annesi shows how the Kanku-dai kata is rich in locking, throwing, weight shifting, back pressure, and soft blocking movements that go unnoticed by most karate-ka.

Kanku & the Elements of Self-defense
Annesi LIVE!

2 DVDs (2.5 hours)  AL-8, $59  Kanku and The Elements of Self-defense

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• Introduction
• Kanku Opening
• Back Hand Blocks
• Palm-edge Block
• Side Snap Kick
• Descending Shuto
• Spearhand
• Outside Shuto

• Front Kick, Rolling Backfist
• Forward Drop
• Low Shuto to Shuto
• Spearhand to Spin
• X-block to Turn
• Arm Scoop to Close
• Questions & Answers


Bunkai ExtensionBunkai Extension1

From KATA to the STREETS  1-6 (12 hrs)

ONLY $359

6 DVDsKata to Streets 1-6 DVD

6 Downloads Kat to streets 1-6 Downlaods

From Kata to the Streets 5From Kata to the Streets 5

From Kata to the Streets 4From Kata to the Streets 4

From Kata to the Streets 3From Kata to the Streets 3

From Kata to the Streets 2From Kata to the Streets 2

From Kata to the Streets 1From Kata to the Streets 1

Mawashi UkeMawashi Uke

Aiki Aspect of KarateThe Aiki Aspect of Karate

Drill to DefendDrill to Defend

Uechi, Hard & SoftUechi, Hard Structure, Soft Applications

Aiki Locks from Karate KataAiki Locks from Karate Kata

KururunfaFire & Water 2: Kururunfa

SeienchinFire & Water 1: Seienchin

Karate Toolkit 2Karate Toolkit 2: Short Stance Styles

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Aragaki SochinAragaki Sochin


Aiki throws form Karate Kata 1 Aiki Throws from Karate Kata 2  Aiki Throws from Karate Kata

Kanku-dai, elements of Self-defense 1 Kanku-dai, Elements of Self-defense 2Kanku-dai & the Elements of Self-defense
(2-DVD set)

Bassai, elements of Self-defenseBassai-dai & the Elements of Self-defense

Wankan, Theory & PracticeWankan, Theory & Practice

Tensho, Range of IntensityTensho, Range of Intensity

Form to FormlessForm to Formless


Cracking the Kata Code 1Cracking the Kata Code 1

Cracking the Kata Code 2Cracking the Kata Code 2

Cracking the Kata Code 3Cracking the Kata Code 3

Cracking the Kata Code
3-DVD set, 6 HOURS
, $99

Cracking the Kata Code

Cracking the Kata book

Sogo Budo DVDs, Karate DVDs, Aiki DVDs, Aiki DVD, Karate DVDs, Sogo Budo DVDs