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Sudden Attack Defense Book Details

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    Bushido-kai Book Report: 6 minutes
    Sudden ATTACK Defense

    Sudden Attack DefenseRoad to Mastery

    In most schools of karate, one-step sparring is taught as a gradual introduction to freestyle sparring. In reality, freestyle has very little in common with one-step sparring and less with self-defense. The Okinawan masters knew that one-step sparring was the way to apply what was learned in kata. Now you can learn what the masters knew! By varying your one-step sparring practice you learn to react to unexpected attacks. The augmentation of one-step sparring creates an ascending hierarchy to the more realistic drills of SAD (Sudden Attack Defense) and CAD (Combat Attack Defense). This book is about that ascension.
    "Ippon Kumite is often understood to be of little use in training for the 'Real World'.  Hanshi Annesi breaks open the one-step drills and provides a framework that turns this traditional practice into a practical platform for teaching self-defense." --Steve DiOrio, Hachi Dan, Hanshi, Uechi Ryu Karate Do, Vice President, Uechi Ryu International "Regardless of style, the information Hanshi Annesi provides allows one to see the strengths and weaknesses in any style's one-step sparring drills and modify them until the drills simulate self-defense, something they were meant to do in the first place. As a Goju instructor for many years, I found this book enlightening and really enjoyed it. Consider this book is a welcome addition to the library of any serious martial arts practitioner." --Sensei Kevin Suggs
    "Sudden Attack Defense is a must-have book for the novice to the master-level martial artist. It explains the importance of pre-arranged sparring drills and how a development through various drills leads to having a great foundation and base for practical self-defense; in my opinion, a perfect example of, Shu Ha Ri, the three stages a person goes through to reach mastery of one’s art." --Shihan Michael Jay Jackson,  Chief Instructor/ Founder, ASKA.

    Also see our karate engagements video section for the Sudden Attack Defense video set.


    Learning to Prepare/Preparing to Learn...4
    1. KUMITE as REQUIREMENT.....7
    3. An Outline for Teaching IPPON KUMITE: AbObAFuGo.....39
    4. AVOID (the first “A” of A B Ob A Fu Go).....47
    5. BLOCK (the “B” of A B Ob A Fu Go).....67
    6. Off-balance (the “Ob” of A B Ob A Fu Go).....103
    7. CounterATTACK (the second “A” of A B Ob A Fu Go).....119
    8. FOLLOW-UP (the “Fu” of A B Ob A Fu Go).....123
    9. GET OUT (the “Go” of A B Ob A Fu Go).....135
    10. Fundamental PRINCIPLES.....141
    11. AbObAFuGo REVISITED.....155
    12. NEXT CHALLENGE?.....159
    Reviewing and Ripostes...171
    INDEX .....173
    About the Author...176

    Sample Chapter from Sudden Attack Defense in PDF

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