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    Bushido-kai Book Report: an 11-minute review
    ElevAted Elementals

    ElevAted ElementalsElevated Elementals

    Whether your martial art is a "hard-fist" art like karate or "soft-fist" like aiki, you begin with basics. And, if you are like most students, you can't wait until you learn advanced techniques. Surprise! You already have! Tony Annesi guides you through a course in recognizing higher level skills hidden in both karate and aiki basics. Kihon (basics) is Okuden (advanced teachings) when you understand the intricacies of Elevated Elementals.

    See our sogo budo video section for the ElevAted Elementals video.

    I consider myself very fortunate to have been an informal student of Annesi Hanshi since the early 1990s. “Informal” means that my lessons have been more about principles and ideas rather than an orthodox curriculum. Over the years I have benefited greatly from his methods some of which are outlined in this book, the video series of the same name, and of course my lessons with him. Once you read this simple, direct study, you will never see your martial art the same way again. --Sensei Wesley Tasker

    Wow! I wish someone had shared this info with me 45 years ago. Whether you are a staunch traditionalist or MMA enthusiast, one Innovative Traditional practitioner shines bright. Hanshi Tony Annesi makes sense out of basics and kata...this work is truly a gem. --Sensei David Henderson, 7th dan, Karate Do Kenpo Jutsu.

    I have it in hard copy. I regard it today as an authoritative classic. --John Fennessy

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    Basics to Advanced Study and Back to Basics.....5

    PART ONE: BUILDING ADVANCED BUDO-Foundation, Structure, & Spire ....9
    1. The Bedrock of Budo... ....11
    2. The Secret of the Fundament/DETAILS ARE FUNDAMENTAL
    (Basics/Testing: Kihon /Shime).....17
    3. The Structure of a Foundation/BASICS AS FOUNDATION
    (Structure:Tsukurikata /Katachi /Kata).....63
    4. The Faculty of Fundamentals/BASICS AS HOME BASE
    (Variation: Henka).....71
    5. Genius at the Ground Level/PRINCIPLES FROM APPLICATION
    (Principles: Genri).....87
    6. Elevated Elementals/KIHON AS OKUDEN
    (Transmutation: Henkei).....97
    7. History is the Future (Paradox: Gyakusetsu)... ....107

    PART TWO: FULL MARTIAL ARTISTRY -Conclusion, Summary, & Extension....113
    8. Five Sets of Five... ....115
    9. The Five Pillars of Full Physical Martial Artistry... ....119
    10. The Five Ways to Integrate One’s Martial Art... ....127
    11. The Five Categories of “Mindfulness” in Advanced Budo....139
    12. Up the Mountain and Home Again... ....151

    APPENDIX: A Study Guide to Advanced Budo....... 155
    INDEX... ....157
    About the Author... ....163

    Sample Chapter from ElevAted Elementals in PDF

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